Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have an oral exam today, and I'm incredibly nervous.  I had to do the same thing in my lit class last week: give a short presentation (just to the professor, not in front of the class) and then answer a few questions about everything we've studied this semester.  Not my thing.  But what makes it even worse here?  The recuperatorio.  It's an opportunity for a retake, so it should be reassuring, right?  No.  Instead I see it more as, "We expect that enough of you will fail that this retake will be necessary and thus is already scheduled."  It makes me even more anxious, especially since I don't understand exactly how professors determine grades so I can't feel confident about passing.  But luckily, this is my last sit-down exam; everything else is just papers and projects, so once this is over, I can breathe a little easier.  Wish me luck!!

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  1. Buena suerte! I think that is it. You know what I mean; you'll be great!