Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clapton and the avalanche of work

Okay.  I don't have much time, but I wanted to write a little something about the Eric Clapton concert I went to last week.

I know Clapton is an untouchable god of rock and blues, but I didn't realize how much I admired him until he walked on stage (already jamming the hell out) and I burst into tears.  It probably surprised me more than it surprises anyone reading this.  He continued dominating for two solid hours, with a rotation of three guitars, hitting some of the classics: "Layla," "Lay Down Sally," "I Shot the Sheriff," a faux-closing with "Cocaine" and, coming back on stage for an encore, blew us away with "Crossroads."  I was riding a concert high most of the weekend, and then I realized that this week is the week from hell.  I have an exam tomorrow, a paper due next Tuesday, and two papers due the following week.  So I'm buckling down (finally) and powering through the next fourteen days.  Then I have four days to pack my suitcase, do my final gift shopping, hit the city sights I still haven't gotten to, and get ready to board a plane back home.

Things I will not miss:

  • the toilet being in the shower
  • living in an all-girls' dorm
  • the complete absence of comfortable furniture ANYWHERE in this country
  • being a foreigner
  • the glitchy Internet connections
  • strange paper products (i.e. napkins that are basically wax paper)
Things I will miss:
  • food
  • friends
  • the opportunity to exercise my Spanish skills
  • the wine
  • being of legal drinking age
  • the city itself
  • the prevailing feeling of adventure
Things I'm eager to go home to:
  • my family
  • my house
    • couch
    • bed
    • kitchen
  • my dogs
  • my friends
  • my town
  • English
  • my country
I'm going to Montevideo this weekend, so hopefully I'll get a chance to write about it next week.  If not, I'll do a reminiscing entry my last week here.  I leave you with this:


  1. Sarah, when I read your post, I burst into tears!

    As always, I am struck by your abundant gifts as a writer. And your immediate ability to spring into the life of adventure, seemingly with no hesitation whatsoever!

    I also loved that you had such a strong reaction to Clapton... whose music I first fell in love with in, let's see - 1972! A way back long time ago.

    Enjoy these days!

  2. How cool that you saw him there. I've always wondered what it's like to see a well-known artist in another country, not an American venue. Thank you for the clip! It's just great.