Friday, July 15, 2011

Lessons Learned

Also food-related:

#2. Jamón is omnipresent.  Seriously: nearly every dish I've eaten has involved ham in some way.  Today's lunch: pizza with sliced tomato on top and ham hidden under the cheese, accompanied by an empanada whose contents included egg, cheese, and ham.  I usually don't even like ham that much.  But it's good here. 

#3. Somehow, all food is better here.  I've had pizza, ham and cheese bread, empanadas, meat, cookies, hot chocolate, tea-- somehow everything tastes better.  Well, last night I had Oreos, and they just tasted sort of odd, as if there was a minute recipe difference.  But other than that: pizza, McFlurrys, soup, beef-- it is all amazing.  There have been few meals that I haven't loved, and they've usually had a startling amount of onions involved.

Maybe today after class I'll just do an entire post about my food experiences, because while I've touched on it in essentially every post (what can I say?  I love to eat), I think I should synthesize it all so you can come to understand just how happy my taste buds are every single day.  I'll think about it all day.  Hasta luego!

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