Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Our current unit in the Spanish class is discrimination/stereotypes, etc.  Within that theme, we're reviewing verb forms to express opinions or impressions.  I don't know how many people know the stereotypes of the different South American countries, but what everyone says about Argentineans, especially portenos (people from Buenos Aires), is that they are cold and arrogant.  I've heard Buenos Aires compared to New York: the same bustling, everyone-for-themself attitude, indifference to your fellow man, that sort of thing.  Now, I'm not sitting here saying I believed that; I'm sitting here wondering where that stereotype even came from.  Everyone I've met here has been generous, helpful, and compassionate.

Last night I got a little sick (too many sweet, sugary foods--read: medialunas) and I couldn't finish my homework or make it to class today because I just felt so awful.  So not only did the managers of the residence give me something for my stomach and move me to a room further away from the construction that's happening in my bathroom, but today I just checked my email and found that Angeles, a contact from the exchange office, had sent me an e-mail.  She had spoken with Maria and found out I wasn't feeling well, and she said to call her if I needed anything at all.  I get the distinct feeling that I could have called her and asked her to drive me to the hospital or bring me some ginger ale (something I have not been able to find) and she would have done it, gladly.

There was more I was going to write, but now that I'm feeling better, I've got to work on the homework I missed.  We're getting up early tomorrow to go to the Department of Justice and get a report of past offenses in Argentina (clearly, there will be none): a document we need in order to get our student visas.

So, to recap the weekend:
Saturday night: boliche with the girls from the Resi.  Very overwhelming, loud, fun, and one of the few types of establishments that still permit you to smoke my clothes smelled disgusting.
Sunday: recovering from the boliche.  Sunday night we went to a parrilla to get some authentic Argentinean meat.  It was incredible.  (  While we were there, Rebecca gave us advice for planning our trips and we were excited to realize that we were following the conversation pretty well when the other girls were talking. 

Tomorrow we have our third class outing: to the theatre!  I'm very excited.  Stay tuned as always for more pictures and stories.

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